Les Collaborateurs #150 – A Hundred and 50 Shows by Dj Correct

The Sharperst Blade – Viro the virus ft S.T.W.B
Breathe – Jimmy Vegas ft Solomon Childs & Eazy the Phoenix
The Grand Architect – Real Reason
Combat Ready – Chino Xl, Canibus, D.V. Alias Khryst, Armada the Producer
Sunshine – Evil Ebenezer
Lesson24 – NHK
A Haufen Närrische – Shango aka Mob Psywalker & Bumbum Biggalo ft Solomon Childs
Eyez Open – Team B.D.S, Brixkz da Boss, Hierarchy ft Judah Priest & Solomon Childs
Easy Going – Viro the Virus
Insatiable Bloodlust – Lex, Eff You, Gs Advance
Lofi Iran Clawz . Caper
Meeting of the Minds – Jus-P
Life like a Movie – SirReal
Just wait – DSR
I am the truth – Caper
Sdk – Caspian ft Snack the Ripper
The Block – Mr Bars ft Big Twins