Les Collaborateurs #91 : Ese Brownpride

Tracklist :

  • Intro “El Capitan”
  • Knightowl “Mr Police Man”
  • King Lil G “Kennedy”
  • Blackie Fontana “Hood Life”
  • Down AKA Kilo “The Definition Of An Ese”
  • The Mexakinz ft Chino XL & Supherb “Provoke The Extreme”
  • Brownside ft Eazy-E “Eastside Drama”
  • Brown Intentions “I Can Make You Bounce”
  • Sick Jacken “Advanced Elevation”
  • Toker ft Klever “Till The Casket Drops”
  • Annimeanz ft Big Sick Nasty “Never Loved”
  • Proper Dos “Brown Cigar”
  • Chino Grande ft Ese Daz “Im A Hustler”
  • Existereo & Deeskee ft 2Mex, LifeRexall “LA Is Motherland”
  • Conejo “Latin Lingo Dos”
  • Lighter Shade Of Brown “Where Ya At”
  • Delinquent Habits ft Sen Dog “California”
  • Cypress Hill “No Entiendes La Onda”
  • Zapp Brown Boy & Fern “Bouncing In My Lolo”
  • Cali Life Style ft Fingazz “1st Things 1st!
  • Kid Frost “Smiling Faces”
  • Outro

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